Monthly Specials

OverNite Success Night Creme

$23.00 "Sale Price"

One creme that will change your skin! Targets wrinkles & fine lines, sagging skin, lines above lips, age spots, and hyperpigmentation.


$39.00 "Our Price"

FOR DEEP WRINKLE REPAIR. Rich, emollient cream for deep and fine line wrinkle repair. From crow’s feet to stretch marks, Relastyl can be used anywhere your skin needs the rich feeling of renewal. Your own private "time machine."




Daytime Radiance Moisturizer

$19.00 "Sale Price"

Hydrate, protect, and repair your skin with sunscreen, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, cucumber extract, aloe, green tea, and more.





$21.00 "Sale Price"

With a Pharmaceutical Grade L-Phenylalanine, Natural Appetite Control, Curb Cravings and Head Hunger, Enhance Mental Focus, Boosts body’s natural cortisone

Methyl B-12

$26.00 "Sale Price"

Vitamin B12 for Energy (chewable form)
Methylcobalamin (Methyl B-12) is better absorbed and retained than other forms of B12 (such as cyanocobalamin). Contains 5000 mcg of Methyl B-12 per lozenge, more than the typical B-12 shot!





$40.00 "Sale Price"

These fast-acting chewables contain GABA, one of the key messengers in the brain that help decrease the activity of nerve cells, which lessens anxiety without causing drowsiness.