Gained unwanted pounds?

Suddenly attained the infamous “Belly Fat?”

These pounds can be almost nuclear, especially with hormone imbalance. So, first you want to balance those erratic hormones.

Our Barbara Hoffman, Founder and President, of Better Health Naturally, has authored 2 books that can be your answer.

  1. For general weight gain….Eat Yourself Slender presents a high protein, low carb EASY to follow program. It contains advice, scientific evidence, guidelines, a Get Off Sugar program, recipes and supplement recommendations. How to stop cravings, how to find more energy, how to eliminate stress / binge eating, carb cravings & food addictions. No deprivation, no counting calories, starving yourself or yo-yo dieting. Learn how to balance your brain’s neurotransmitters to support your hormones and vice versa. I believe good bodies are made at home, not in the gym. I am here to help. To find Barbara Hoffman’s Eat Yourself Slender, visit Eat Yourself Slender
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  2. For “Belly Fat”….The Belly Fat Handbook will help you. It shows you the hormones that may be contributing to your spare tire and that miserable jiggly stomach fat. AND how to control them and bring them back to balance. Control unbalanced estrogen that causes belly fat and weight gain…up to 40 pounds. Burn that Belly Fat and Unstick that Scale! Interested in reading Barbara’s The Belly Flat Handbook? To purchase the book on Amazon, go to The Belly Flat Handbook


Eat Yourself Slender 

Discover How To….

  • Give Cravings the Cold Shoulder
  • Control Insulin & Control Fat
  • Detox From Sugar
  • Keep Your Kids Slender
  • Increase Your Will Power

Get Rid of That “Bread Belly” Now! Burn Fat and Un-Stick That Scale!

What Type of Eater Are You?

Take the quiz and pin-point which supplement will be most beneficial for YOU

  • Compulsive, you binge-eat and crave carbs
  • Impulsive-eater, can’t keep up with your good intentions
  • Anxious eater, you medicate your feelings with food

Don’t let your wayward hormones control your weight!




The Belly Flat Handbook  

Do you diet & exercise and still have BellyFat? Is the problem getting worse as you get older? Change the way you battle Belly Fat. Also, shrink Fat Cells & Beat the Bloat. Bump off Belly Fat with an all-around attack!

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Better Health Naturally’s Barbara Hoffman’s Proven Supplements for Hormone Balance, Weight Loss & Cravings

SUPPLEMENTS: We have researched almost every weight control product under the sun over the past 30 years. I can tell you what works. If it is not found here, then I have found it does not offer the help you want. To help you choose the most effective supplements, I have separated my favorite supplements into 3 categories… Hormone Balance, Appetite Control/Fat Deposit Control, and Cravings

Hormone Balance:

Menopause Creme Jar

Menopause Moisture Crème with Red Clover Extract (2 oz.)

A transdermal natural progesterone and phyto-estrogen creme with 1000 mg of USP Micronized, Standardized Progesterone and Red Clover Extract ( a phyto-estrogen). Formulated for women who are no longer menstruating or who have had a hysterectomy and are having menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness & more.

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Pro Help Jar

ProHELP Moisture Treatment Crème
(2 oz.)

A transdermal natural progesterone creme formulated with 1000 mg of USP Micronized, Standardized Progesterone. Formulated for women of any age with PMS, perimenopause or menopausal symptoms. Still Menstruating? Choose This Creme. Read More!


Pro-Men Jar

Pro-MEN Progesterone Crème For Men (2 oz.)

Transdermal natural progesterone creme for men with prostate problems, increased urinary urge, hair loss, burned out feeling, abdomnial fat, or difficulty sleeping. Formulated with USP Bio-identical Progesterone, Pygeum Bark, Stinging Nettle, Saw Palmetto, Damiana Extract, Siberian Ginseng, Chamomile Extract, & Rosemary Extract.

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IndoleGard with DIM (120 vegi caps)

For Estrogen Detoxification, Healthy Hormone Balance & Weight Control

DIM (Diindolylmethane) has been shown to promote a more efficient metabolism of estrogen and an optimal ratio of estrogen metabolites. Can promote fat loss by reducing levels of unhealthy “bad” estrogens that can cause excess weight to be deposited around the abdomen, thighs & hips of both men and women. Especially helpful for those who are estrogen dominant.
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DHEA 10 mg (60 scored tablets) (Can only be sold to U.S.)

The Hormone of Youth for Energy, Libido, and Weight Loss

Micronized & Time Release
DHEA is the #1 Supplement recommended by anti-aging Doctors worldwide and is a natural way to enhance energy, mood, muscle strength, adrenal health, and aid in weight loss. DHEA is an endogenous hormone (made in the human body) and secreted by the adrenal gland. After the age of 40 DHEA levels decline.
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DHEA 25 mg

DHEA 25 mg (60 scored tablets) (Can only be sold to U.S.)

The Hormone of Youth for Energy, Libido, and Weight Loss

Micronized & Time Release
DHEA is the #1 Supplement recommended by anti-aging Doctors worldwide and is a natural way to enhance energy, mood, muscle strength, adrenal health, and aid in weight loss. DHEA is an endogenous hormone (made in the human body) and secreted by the adrenal gland. After the age of 40 DHEA levels decline.
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Appetite Control:


CLA 1000mg (90 Softgels)


Researchers concluded CLA supplementation among overweight adults significantly reduced body fat over 6 months AND prevented weight gain.
Helps reduce body fat mass by:

  • Decreasing the amount of fat that is stored after eating
  • Increasing the rate of fat breakdown in fat cells (ect.)
  • Decreasing the total number of your fat cells
  • Researchers concluded CLA supplementation among overweight adults
    <Significantly reduced body fat over 6 months AND prevented weight gain
  • Can help break the yo-yo effect
    the trip or holidays. You may actually come home SLIMMER.
  • Dose: Take 3 daily. Two in the morning and one in the evening.

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PGX Crystals

PGX Daily Granules
(5.3 oz. Canister)

For Weight Control, Reduced Appetite

PGX (PolyGlycopleX) granules are an unsweetened, highly viscous combination of well-purified polysaccharides derived from konjac root, sodium alginate, and xantham gum. Can reduce or eliminate food cravings, reduce appetite comfortably and safely, regulate blood glucose levels, can lower the glycemic index of your meals by 50%, and promote a prolonged feeling of fullness.
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L-Tyrosine 500 mg
(100 capsules)

Increase Energy, Elevate Mood, Aid Weight Loss

L-Tyrosine helps the brain to produce adequate amounts of the neurotransmitters L-dopa, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. If the levels of these neurotransmitters are insufficient, feelings of sadness, anxiety, irritability, and frustration can result. Dopamine helps suppress appetite and reduce body fat, so individuals with insufficient levels of this neurotransmitter may find they are gaining weight or struggling to lose it.
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5-HTP 50 mg
(150 capsules)

Increase Serotonin For Weight Loss, Mood & Good Sleep

5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) is a precursor to serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that tells your brain that you are satisfied and do not need to eat more. Serotonin deficiency contributes to weight gain, depression, sleeplessness, anxiety, inflammation, and joint pain, among other symptoms. Low serotonin levels also lead to carbohydrate cravings (sugar cravings) and overeating. 5-HTP can help reduce appetite while enhancing your mood and increasing energy levels.
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5-HTP Plus 
Sublingual Spray

Increase Serotonin For Weight Loss, Anxiety & Good Sleep

5-HTP Plus is a unique blend of GABA * L-Carnitine  *5-HTP & * Vitamin B6

GABA is an amino acid and powerful  neurotransmitter. Studies have shown that oral intake of GABA can result in an increase of growth hormone levels by as much as 400%, which can help promote lean body mass via lipolysis and protein synthesis. L-Caritine increases fat metabolism. 5-HTP increases appetite suppressant, serotonin. Studies have shown that the increased levels of serotonin leads to a release of satiety hormones so you feel full. Vitamin B6 helps create neurotransmitters that regulate emotions, including serotonin, dopamine andgamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) .

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(100 capsules)

Reduce Cravings, Normalizes Insulin & Aids Weight Loss

Helps insulin metabolize fat, turn protein into muscle and convert sugar into energy. Chromium can improve insulin’s efficiency in the body, which lowers blood sugar levels. Formulated with the most absorbed form of Chromium (200 mcg Chromium Polynicotinate), mimicking the biological active form found in the body. Studies show that a daily supplement of 600-1000 mcg of chromium along with a moderate diet & exercise program results in significant weight loss. A great product for diabetics!
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(60 capsules)

Customer Favorite for Anxiety & Weight Loss

ZenMind® contains L-Theanine (200 mg) and GABA (500 mg) which have been shown to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, enhance mood, reverse brain deterioration, aid in weight loss and support hormone production.
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SAM-e 200 mg
(60 tablets)

For Mood & Depression, Weight Loss, Healthy Liver

SAM-e (S-Adenosylmethionine) is a precursor to the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinepherine, and serotonin. SAM-e may help raise serotonin levels, is commonly used to help with depression, eliminate food cravings, promoting mood and emotional well-being, and supporting healthy liver function.
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Avena Sativa Wild Oats
(100 Tablets)

Herbal Support for Sexual Fitness

Throughout the ages Avena Sativa (Wild Oats) has been used as an natural aphrodisiac and strength enhancer by men and women. This formula contains the purest quality of Avena Sativa herbs harvested at their peak to ensure maximum results. Derived from the wild oat plant; one study has shown this herb raised the level of free testosterone (unbound, available testosterone) in men
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(90 CAPS)

Appetite Control & Regulate Mood

Diucaps is formulated with L-Phenylalanine which is an essential amino acid that can inhibit  appetite by increasing production of the neurotransmitter NE (norepinephrine). Increased levels of NE can enhance fat loss by activating hormone-sensitive lipase, causing rapid break down of triglycerides and mobilizing fatty acids. L-Phenylalanine also causes a release of cholecystokinin (CCK), which has been associated with an increase in satiety resulting in lower caloric intake. Unlike appetite suppressant drugs utilizing controlled stimulants to reduce appetite, DIUCAPS has no undesirable side effects.

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