Loss of Libido

Libido – would you like to improve it?

Your libido is your sex drive or your interest and enjoyment of sex. Don’t let your Sex Drive drive away!
If a woman is pre-menopausal / Menopausal

The most important hormones for libido are progesterone and testosterone . Testosterone is prescription only, so you can start with progesterone. Progesterone cream helps most women feel sexier (it is the hormone that comes in mid-cycle so we are receptive to sex and reproduction) and also more relaxed emotionally. The best way to try natural progesterone is in the form of a cream. Rub the progesterone cream into your skin twice daily.  You do not need a prescription for natural progesterone cream.  Also, often there is thinning (atrophy) of the vaginal opening and vaginal walls and this results in dryness, burning and discomfort during sex.

If progesterone cream does not address the dryness, an estrogen suppository or a DHEA suppository can help within 2-3 weeks

There are other herbal products that can be helpful for libido if you want to augment progesterone OR if you do not want to use progesterone. if you are struggling with your sex life, there is help for you.  Call if you need more help.  Many women are a little shy, but we can help with questions that you may have.