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Reduces Hot Flashes, Wrinkles & Age Spots      

Pycnogenol is formulated with extracts from the bark of the French maritime pine tree (Pine Bark). It is rich in antioxidant compounds called procyanidins  and has been studied for a range of problems including osteoarthritis, Type 2 diabetes, HOT FLASHES, and skin rejuvenation.

Clinical Studies
Pine Bark has been widely studied. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study reported that menopause symptoms improved when Pycnogenol was taken. Each day, patients received either Pycnogenol or placebo. Women taking the Pycnogenol reported significant improvement in symptoms including hot flashes, depressed mood, memory/concentration, anxiety, sexual desire, and sleep problems. (Compared with prescription drugs for hot flashes such as Prempro, Effexor and Pristiq, Pycnogenol has no harmful side effects.)

More than 80 clinical trials have shown Pycnogenol to be an effective agent for beautifying the skin.

Wrinkles- Pycnogenol binds with skin proteins, collagen and elastin, to rebuild elasticity, essential for a smooth, younger look.

Scar Formation- Several clinical studies have shown that Pycnogenol protects the collagen matrix and increases skins stability during healing.

Sun Care- By neutralizing free radicals, Pycnogenol helps protect skin from the stress and damage of sunburn and photoaging.

Hyper-Pigmentation- Pycnogenol helps promote the “glow” and reduce over-pigmentation for a more even complexion.

● Can reduce hormonal symptoms including Hot Flashes
● Can reduce vaginal dryness
● Can alleviate menstrual cramps
● Improves varicose veins
● Improves skin elasticity
● Shortens wound healing time and magnitude of scarring

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule 1-2 times per day.

Ingredients: Pycnogenol 25 mg -- French Maritime pine bark extract (Pinus maritime) 60% procyanidins.

Success Stories
"I just started taking Pycnogenol for my hot flashes, which seem better after only 3 days! Nothing else seemed to help!"

"I have to admit that I was skeptical about Pycnogenol, but after only 4 days of use, my severe hot flashes have completely disappeared. I take just 50 mg." 

"I used to have a couple of hot flashes every hour around the clock. Since I have started taking 
Pycnogenol, I haven't had ONE. It feels like a miracle!"

Price: $29.00

Size: 60 capsules