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Infertility Help: Inositol, PCOS, and Fertility

Two research groups conducted studies with the dietary supplement myoinositol and PCOS. The studies concluded that myoinositol provided significant benefits for women suffering from PCOS, and gave them an alternative to the diabetes drugs that doctors usually prescribe for PCOS.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is on the leading causes of infertility, and can also cause unwanted hair growth, acne, and difficult menstrual cycles. Most doctors prescribe diabetes drugs to help regulate insulin levels as a treatment for PCOS, but these drugs have many side effects and don’t address the underlying issue.

Myo-inositol, a form of inositol, is a member if the B-complex family of vitamins. It is usually deficient in women with PCOS.

Another study published in the Gynecological Endocrinology journal put 25 women on a combination of folic acid and inositol for 6 months. The results, 22 out of the 25 patients restored at least one spontaneous menstrual cycle during treatment, and 18 maintained normal ovulatory activity during the follow up period. 10 pregnancies (40% of patients) were obtained.

Based on these two studies, Inositol seems to be an effective treatment for PCOS, and for restoring fertility. It has no side effects, and is relatively inexpensive. For women who are trying to get pregnant, it’s ideal to combine this treatment with improved diet and exercise, so that insulin problems aren’t carried into pregnancy.